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Dream Quest Speedrun Tournament - 4 slots!

Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:10 pm

Hey I'm running a Dream Quest Speedrun Tournament!

First to kill the LOD is the winner, 6 hour time max.

If no one manages to down the Lord of the Dream, we'll go by most damage to LOD, with a sudden death round in the event of a tie.

Tournament will be livestreamed and commentated. I'd like to find four players. I will also accept up to two players as alternates in case of a no-show.

There is a $100 prize and I will make a matching $100 donation to the Dream Foundation, a charity which is sort of like Make a Wish for the elderly.

I'm looking for players now, will announce a date once I've got them locked down. There's no entry fee!

For reference, here is Dream Quest: ... eam-quest/

This is an online tournament, all players will be streaming their play. You can play either on the IOS or pc version, if you're on IOS you might need to use something like airserver to get your gameplay to the stream.

I've got some details here: ... tournament

Good luck!


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