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Hey fellow gamers, I need your help. Back in like 2011 or 2012 or so, when I first started to discover android game apps, on my 3g phone, and I played games like knights and dragons, and other kingdom strategy tog PvP simulation adventure games like that, well I had this game that I really thought was from gamevil or something like that, and it has the home page with the home castle where you can get your knights which were 3 different speciesike humans mange and something else, and they heal at the castle, you also have to use resources like food which used a corn cob icon, and gold as well as sapphires rubies emeralds etc..whicj u used to get a training arena for each of the 3 species, that's where they could be loved ul, and they also had a portal that went to another screen with levels and other players kingdom portals where you could go into them and get free reslurces, and you go into each level with whichever knights of whichever species is most powerful against who that level has that u gotta fight, and as you beat the levels your knights get better and you can put them in the castle to heal, and level up on the mines for the emeralds and finirs etc collect resources and but level ups for your knights of the 3 sldcies, and then you can visit all the way to heaven&back,&back again your friends kingdoms an get free resources the point is to save the princess ...but I forgot about this game for over 5 years them when I remembered it and tried finding it. It's banished and I cAnnot find it anywhere I thought it was called knights and kingdoms or something like that, anyone know what I'm talking about


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