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Player aids for Nemesis: Burma 44

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:15 pm
by moet
Legion Wargames has released a new game on Burma 1944 campaign, designed by Kim Kanger. The game focusses on March-August period, when Japan conducted an offensive towards the Indian border and Great Britain-US were trying to reach Ledo.

Many aspects of the game are stimulating. Because the phase chits are chosen randomly, you go to combat with the stress of not knowing exactly when the supply check will be done. Combat and movement are interweaved (you fight a little after you moved and you move a little before starting the big fights), so there is much action most of the time. Also, the game fits well with 4 players (2 by side).

To help beginners get familiar with the rules or memorize them, I prepared four player aids (2 pages each) available on my blog Wargames for Everyone and in the file section of the BGG game page. They cover Sequence of Play, Combat Procedure, Track Management and Unit Attributes and Behaviour.

I wouldn't be surprised if you enjoy that game as much as I do. :-)