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Tabletop Italian medieval Wargame on Kickstarter!

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 11:56 am
by Top_Hat_Games
Hello, fellow wargamers! I see the most popular topic on the forum are computer wargames, but I hope you won't mind if I present you our project!
Top Hat Games is a new publishing house and for our first wargame we are collaborating with Sir Chester Cobblepot, a company specialized in the production of board games for the international market (you may know them for Letters from Whitechapel and Whitehall Mystery).
This week we launched on Kickstarter: The Fall of the King™ (link here: ... the-kingtm), a medieval wargame that faithfully recreates the Guelph-vs-Ghibellines battle of Fossalta in 1249.
The Fall of the King will be the first installment to feature the original Ventura Battle System, which is designed with both beginners and wargame veterans in mind. In fact, we hope to attract new people to the wonderful world of History and wargames by offering a product with accessible price and difficulty while allowing experienced players to use their favorite miniatures and dioramas when playing our game.
We would like to know if you could be interested in our project! Any feedback from such experienced enthusiasts such as yourself is more than welcome. Hope you enjoy!