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Puzzle Game Feed the Naughty Hungry Monkey

Fri Mar 18, 2016 11:50 am

Feed the Naughty Hungry Monkey puzzle used in that game is mind blowing kind of tough but very interesting and challenging the monkey looks extra ordinary cute and sound of the game is very attractive which attracts us to play again and again and feed the cute monkey. The Game is actually based on story of hungry naughty monkey who is in jungle and somehow he is unable to climb on tree so you have to cut the rope to feed him.
it is in one of the most interesting and addictive Monkey games. Feed the Naughty Hungry Monkey is very easy but entertaining game. For making game more interesting we have added some very attractive sound. Every mission is full of challenge and entertainment.

Download Feed the Naughty Hungry [url https://play.google.com/store/apps ... onkey Game[/url]
[img]https://appsoltechnology.files.wordpres ... e-copy.png

- There are 18 levels full of challenge.
- Full HD and Fashion Style Suits.
- Best HD graphics and game play!
- Sound to motivate you
- There is also option of resume so you can continue gaming after exite.
- Plenty of Coins and Bananas to Collect !.
- Modern game style
- And it's FREE

What are you waiting for? HELP !! the hungry monkey.


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