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Charge, Bayonets! A WWII Experience

Posted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 6:03 am
by Atheory
Seeking programmers to join me on a venture to create my vision.

Charge, Bayonets! : A WWII Experience, is a 2D turn-base Grand Strategy Game focused on delivering just that, a grand experience. In breaking the mold, this ambitious project stands to redefine what a historical strategy war game is. Design theory is put to the test in drafting the best method approach to each game mechanic. Immersive and quality game play are prioritized in each feature intended for implementation.

In the traditional premise, a player assumes the mantle as a leader of a nation during the period. Thereby, that player controls all aspects of the country. But, after that is where the game begins to slide away from the traditional mold. Pushing the innovative boundaries in an old and tired genre is a worthy challenge to any seeking one.

The foundations are already being laid, with sound, graphics and actual game design well underway. Programmers are needed to build the structure to house all these pieces, and help complete this monumental enterprise.

Work as many hours as you can spare with no set limit nor expectations. The plan is to put together enough for a demo to be used in a crowdsourcing campaign. This campaign is scheduled to launch in January. After a successful campaign those who contributed will be compensated, and those willing will be offered paid jobs to continue the project.

So I ask you, what are you doing between now and December? Do yo have 10 or 20 spare hours a week? Come join the next best challenge to revitalize a gaming genre. Join my vision and lets make history!

Serious inquiries only, and feel free to connect with me to discuss things further.

For others viewing this, we're always looking for volunteers to help with creating equipment databases and historical events for our Event-Driven-System (EDS). Can't promise much for compensation except a free game when its all said done.

If interested and want to discuss further, just shoot me a message here or through PM.

I appreciate you looking
J Johnson