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American Civil War Gaming Club (ACWGC)

Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:41 pm

My name is Walt Dortch and I am representing the American Civil War Game Club http://www.wargame.ch/wc/acw/ the Oldest American Civil War Wargaming Club Online. Club members primarily play the John Tiller Games American Civil War Series games. The Club emphasizes human vs. human play which is easily done via email.
The Civil War Series Battles are historically accurate tactical simulations of the great battles and skirmishes of the Civil War. Players take command of the forces available to the generals of the Union and Confederate Armies to see if things would have turned out differently had they been in command! These are not arcade or first-person shooter type games. Players alternate taking turns which they complete on their computer and then send to their opponent via email.
All levels of players are welcome from novice to expert. We take pride in providing a friendly atmosphere for all members. All recruits will pass through a training session, either at the Vicksburg Military Institute (VMI) or the Union Military Academy (UMA), to familiarize them with playing the games by email (PBEM) and the club rules.
If you are looking for reliable human opponents around the world, meeting members with a vast knowledge of the American Civil War, and enjoy lively dialogue about the tactics of the Civil War period, I think you will enjoy being a member of the ACWGC.
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