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Silmaris Review

Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:38 pm

Storytelling games have found quite the home on mobile devices. Beyond the deep well of generic choose-your-own adventure games you have a lot of options, like the mobile versions of...

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Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:49 pm

I hadn't heard about this one--thanks for the review! I'm not familiar with the developer and wondering if they're likely to make adjustments to the game based on feedback.

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Thu Jan 16, 2020 9:38 am

I hadn't heard about this one--thanks for the review! I'm not familiar with the developer and wondering if they're likely to make adjustments to the game based on feedback.
Not sure to be honest - I've been speaking to him directly recently and I think we might be in the minority in our feedback - he's been getting better feedback from other places. Especially on how well the two 'halves' interact with each other.

I think it's worth contextualising Richard's point through the lens that it's not really the Silmaris isn't designed well, it's just other games have been designed better and offer a more robust experience, so this presents more of a risk.
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Re: <t>Silmaris Review</t>

Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:00 pm

I took a punt on this as I saw it pop up in the Corona SDK forums and the screenshots piqued my interest. As it turned out it wasn't quite the game I was expecting or the type I normally play but I have enjoyed it none the less. I've played the game to completion and this is my take on it.

To begin with the game is very polished and extremely well put together. It's clear a lot of time has been spent to make it's presentation as good as it can be.

In terms of gameplay it's very well balanced and a challenge to play. You can choose your play style, favouring military might for example over diplomacy, but you always need to keep your options open, especially early on in the game, as you're not strong enough to take on all the other cities and there will be events that need to be resolved through non-military means. As mentioned in the review dice are the basis of your strengths in each area and events are decided by opposing dice rolls. The more dice you use in a roll, the more chance of success, but once used those dice are gone, and using too many may leave you too weak. On the other hand losing a roll can be even more costly, but you can have the option to re-roll.

The story events are an interesting element and can have beneficial as well as sometimes catastrophic effects depending upon your choices. Some events are concluded immediately while others have more long term progression. The stories effect the game in various ways, for example giving or losing particular dice, loss of a councilor, or improving or worsening relations with a particular city.

My only criticism would be that once you've played though all the branches of the story events you'll know which is the best path to choose, but I'd imagine this is true of other games in this genre.

All in all I believe that the game accomplishes what the developer has set out to achieve and considering it's the work of a single coder I think he's done a great job putting it all together.


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