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Introducing… the Wargamer Archive

Tue May 11, 2021 5:21 pm

Hi everyone,

It’s Alex here, Wargamer’s editor. I hope everyone in the community is keeping safe and well, and that everyone has found at least one or two things to enjoy in our new, broader output of news, guides, reviews, and more.

I also have some very exciting news to share, which I think will be generally very welcome, and hopefully especially pleasing to many of you who are long-time Wargamer readers: thanks to some seriously hard work behind the scenes by our tech team, I’m delighted to announced that the 3500+ articles which were live on Wargamer’s old website are now all freely accessible in the new Wargamer Archive - just click the link in the ‘More’ dropdown menu.

We worked very hard to migrate as many of Wargamer’s excellent articles as possible to our shiny new website when we relaunched in January, but, inevitably, it was only a small minority of the total catalogue. It was a wrench for all of us, losing so much high-quality historic content in the move - and so our team has spent the last three months making sure we could keep those articles alive in the new Wargamer.

The articles aren’t quite as polished and produced as fresh new Wargamer content, as any images and formatting that came from our old website have been stripped out in the rescue effort - but all the text, publication dates, and author details are as they should be.

The Archive functions as a straight-up scrolling list of stories, but, just like on the main site, you can easily use the search box at the top of the screen to track down the specific game or article you’re after. Author pages also work within the Wargamer Archive - click on an author name, and you’ll see a list of all the articles in the Archive by that author. For Wargamer’s contributors, past and present, we hope this proves a valuable resource, allowing you to access all your published work from our older site.

If any eagle-eyed community members spot anything in the Archive that doesn’t seem to be working correctly, or seems to have some issue with it, please do let us know via email or on our social channels. We’re really excited to have all this awesome legacy content alive again, and we want it all to be completely readable, accessible and enjoyable for all!

All the very best



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