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Context is for Kings: Steel Division II's Strategic Layer Is Looking Pretty Great

Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:07 pm

While we all figured a new game was coming, it was a slight surprise to see Steel Division II announced so soon, and without Paradox no less. ... y-campign/

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:36 am

Some of the issues here were the red and blue territorial boundaries with a fog of war combination. So while you cant see the enemy push as they use terrain to their advantage, you could see the territory line creeping pinpointing where units are moving. This completely removed any suspense and tactics in multiplayer games.

Secondly, the air war was terrible and abstract when the game first came out. Eugen did update and change the air combat, but the cartoon nature and abstraction of damage compared to their previous games (Red Dragon) left little possibility of micro managing the battle.

The lack of success in this version, while not being helped by a long term strike in France, wasn't due to the lack of a decent single player campaign, but the lack of a controllable game with any real depth.

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Re: <t>Context is for Kings: Steel Division II's Strategic Layer Is Looking Pretty Great</t>

Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:54 pm

Interesting article, I'd like to discuss a few points however.
The Wargame franchise had its big revelation when it added a campaign system in AirLandBattle, which was greatly improved in Red Dragon.
Most Wargame players would actually argue otherwise, ALB campaign had some flaws (combats, lack of vocal narration, AI) but it was truly open with random events and strategical assets affecting the fight and was multiplayer. On all those points, Red Dragon failed to deliver, adding to the failed Naval and AI. Plus the scenarios were catastrophically bad for the asian theater...
The tactical engine for both that series and Steel Division is and will always be superb. A bit too arcade-like for some, but ‘historical realism’ was never a core pillar for Eugen.
A very interesting sentence, because it's true in practice: Wargame never was historically accurate or realistic. Airland Battle was the closest title able to transcribe a Cold War vibe.
However, Eugen insisted on historical realism more than often when marketing Wargame and Steel Division alike. One could accuse them of surfing on a demand their game doesn't satisfy, but that's an interpretation among others...
Eugen had a great habit of supporting older Wargame entries even after newer ones had released (up to a point)
Wargame: Red Dragon was arbutly abandonned 4 years ago, after the release of paied DLCs (a break in the usual Eugen DLC approach) that broke the balance. Eugen Systems never tried in any way to keep contact with the Wargame community or keep a semblant of patching at least for some truly experience breaking bugs haunting the game to this day. I would consider this statement untrue.

btw line 3 you are saying "Belyorussia", I suppose this is a typo ? If yes, I hope it'll get fixed. :D


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