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DVG - IAFL - Operation Babylon Design Insights!

Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:27 pm

Dan Verssen here...

I'm continuing the design work on the Operation Babylon Campaign for our Israeli Air Force Leader.

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dv ... rce-leader

My goal is to give you a peak into the design cycle that goes into a campaign. For me, the story and feel of a game or campaign is as important as the game mechanics. The game needs to work on a mechanical level, but it also needs a story telling element to create an emotional attachment to make the player care about the game and his decisions.

I want to have the Reactor strike be the focus of the campaign. That way, it isn’t just another campaign where at some point you blow up the Reactor.

My first thought was to have the Reactor mission happen on the first day, and then the other days are the aftermath of the strike. This idea kind of works, but not really. While it makes sense, the entire point of this campaign, the Reactor, comes and goes on day 1, and is never seen again. Not great from a story telling point of view.

My second thought was to have the Reactor strike happen on the last day. This way the Reactor is always looming in the background. This way, you need to fly the other missions, but you know you need to have a great team of pilots ready to fly on the final day. Better. But still not great.

My current thought is to have the Reaction mission happen on the last day, but, here’s the cool thing. The missions you fly during the other days leading up to it all have an impact on the Reactor target, such as reducing its Sites, Hits, etc. Other targets will give you bonuses against the Reactor if you destroy them. This keeps the Reactor important in every day of the campaign, even though you don’t attack it until the last day. You’re always looking at its card. Always seeing which targets, -you- think are most important to attack. Another change, all the Targets are available for missions from the start of the campaign. This gives you full control over what to attack, and in what order.

I’m working on the campaign sheet and target card now, and will post 1 first look soon.

In the mean time, pledge for our Kickstarter, and let’s get this thing printed!


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