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Zombie Sweeper (by arc GAME STUDIO Inc.)

Tue May 19, 2020 10:02 am

Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle

iOS: https://apple.co/2L4pvh1
Android: https://bit.ly/2IT609E
Trailer : https://youtu.be/Ihn1KvNIBw8

Remember Minesweeper?

A lot of people will come up with memories of this question. The moments when you were searching for mines in the square tiles and felt the devastation of the mine explosion.

Minesweeper is a simple game to find hidden mines based on numbers that tell you the number of mines around you. However, this game requires reasoning skills and patience.

Zombie Sweeper has adopted the basic rules of Minesweeper. The game progresses by finding zombies and survivors through the numbers displayed on hexagonal cubes.

To overcome the limitations of the monolithic game Minesweeper, we introduced a stage clearing method with over 10 missions including killing zombies, rescuing survivors, and eliminating viruses.

Strategic play and exciting action depending on the characteristics of zombie and commando characters are also essential features of Zombie Sweepers.

Remember Minesweeper?
The answer to this question is not important.

Now is the time to find the zombies, not the mines.
Create new memories with Zombie Sweeper!


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