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Age of Strategy

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Age of Strategy

Download on Google play.

This is a very nice game, a very good strategy game for those that loves to engage their minds in strategic thinking.
Below are things you can expect from this game;
Units Placements - The strategic placements of units can be decisive in every battle as this may also determine the tactics you can use in engage your opponent. Units can be places in defensively advantageous area and here you can deploy all sorts of tactics. When flanked by, I personally prefer a compact (critical mass) tactics in engaging mounted units. This protects me from being out flanked by mounted units.

Unit movements need to be well understood too as well as the varied types of units, their strength and weaknesses.

There are so many building types but majority of them are military and defence buildings.

The uses of civilian units are also important and can’t be overemphasised.

Walls are important but take longer to build and needs to be reinforced massively with forts and towers.

Town centre by the sea or like i call it 'port city' is one of the best option for producing varied Land and sea units.

Strategic units; archers are the most important units for me. Easy to produce are provides cover fire to other foots and mounted units both offensively and defensively. Although generally weak in close combat they are very useful in attack and retreat situation.

Units can gain experience after successive combat and this generally improves their stats.

Monks; this weak in combat units are useful for healing and conversion.

Siege weaponry; there are Rams and catapult and both are very useful. While rams are useful in taking down enemies’ walls and fortifications, catapult can deal long ranged spread damage on enemy units (most effective with clustered units).

Mounted Units; mounted units are known for high HP and some can be ranged too. These are the decisive units in battle and must be used where they can be most effective.

Foot soldiers can get all the dirty jobs done but must be protect from ranged fire.

Ships can be used to blockade the opponents in the case of an invasion. There are also transport ships.

Transports; Wagons are used for troops transport as well as transport ships and have more movement points.
Although the graphics isn’t the best, the game is really enjoyable so try it out.

Thanks download on Google play and enjoy this wonderful strategy game.


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