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Calling out the best and brightest from

Sun Mar 27, 2016 12:29 am

I get a sneaking suspicion you lot may well be into the same kind of games as us from Pocket Tactics. Its like a 6th sense Ive got or something.

What I want to know is who are you? What kind of games are you into? (Stupid question, right? ; )

Im asking is we have quite a lively tournament scene over at PT and I would love to see some more solid strategy brains getting stuck in. These days theres a lot of cross platform games coming through, so theres no reason why we cant compete with you at your PC and me sneaking in an async turn based turn during my lunchbreak.

If you let us know who you are then we can drop you a message next time theres some neat cross platform strategy game out

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Alex Connolly
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Re: Calling out the best and brightest from

Sun Mar 27, 2016 1:58 pm

Agreed. I admit to penning far more for WG these days - I can't often wrest the iDevices from my daughters - but all for cross-platform stuff and rolling with the PT crowd. It's a bearded family.


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